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Hello, and thank you for visiting our website.

Maybe you have already looked through some pages here, had a glance at the foto’s and by doing so formed a first impression about the place.

Well, on this page I would like to go a little deeper into what Vlierhof is about. Vlierhof as a centre for personal growth, a centre for awareness enhacement. What drives us as a community. What defines us as a whole.

The main values

To start off with I would like to say that one of the main values that we hold dear is that Vlierhof is a safehaven.

That we, through the practice of tools like NVC (Non Violent Communication), Sociocracy and sharings, try to keep an open mind for each other and by doing so create an atmosphere of safety in which people feel free to look inside, find the ability to connect with who they truly are and inspire each other by embracing the possibilities of growth, that are plenty in a place where searchers from all over the world unite to share their believes, their dreams and insights, where people through the feeling of being accepted connect truly.

I would like to talk about Vlierhof as a place where you can take control of your life, your feelings and emotions. Knowing that it is you who is deciding, that it is you who has the power to shape your life the way you want it to be. And that you are not alone. That we can do it together. There are so many others, connecting world wide through organisations like this.

I would like to talk about Vlierhof as a laboratory for social change, as an organisation reaching out into the world to lead by example, showing that there is an alternative to the way of living as defined by a system that wants us to believe we are nothing more than consumers competing with each other.

I would like to talk about Vlierhof as a beacon, one of those places of hope for those who feel that there is nothing they can do. There is so much beauty out there. So much in need of people who are willing to dedicate themselves to it, to a cause bigger than themselves.


So much to discover. So many possibilities once you open up to it.


It’s an adventure.

A safehaven

Our schedule.

Here’s a peak in our schedule.

Every morning we gather at 8.00, on monday and wednesday for the morning meeting in the dining room, which begins with a moment of silence and is followed by making announcements and informing each other about the work that needs to be done, divide tasks and such.

On tuesday and thursday we gather in the seminar room for a guided meditation and some body work, like yoga for example. On friday we have a more elaborate breakfast together, combined with a small morning meeting

After these morning rituals we start working for the community, with a little break at 11.00u and we finish at 13.00u for lunch. We have installed this system so people who feel the need for it have the afternoon and evening to create, learn, inspire each other by sharing our talents, believes and idea’s, our dreams and visions. Our abilities. The people at Vlierhof come from all over the world and bring many different qualities. On any given moment you can find them giving yoga lessons, welding, mantra’s and worldsongs , working with clay or glass, informing about gardening, organising an open podium …

There are movie nights, teachers invited to give workshops like Vedanta or ecstatic dancing to name but a few. And then there is the possible to partake in many of the events or workshops that we host in our seminar house. Often for free, for a little contribution or donation based.

Tuesday evening at 20.00u we have a sharing. A circle in which the talking stick is passed around so everyone has the opportunity to express their feelings, what is on their mind, while the others listen. It is a moment of deep sharing and just like the morning – and the community meetings an opportunity for connection through being present and being open towards each other.

Tuesday afternoon we have community work and after that a meeting where everybody is invited and where we can talk and change opinions about items that need to be addressed. Sometimes the meeting revolves around a set theme or it can also be a moment for the core team to present a certain topic that needs to be consented upon through the process of Sociocracy, which means that a proposal is amended until everyone present agrees with it.

In Vlierhof it is important that we support each other, accept each other for who we are. That we do not point fingers but rather look at ourselves when conflict arises and that we speak our mind, that we do not avoid confrontation but embrace those moments of conflict as an opportunity to grow and by doing so we become each others teacher.

Vlierhof is stepping into to the world, and it wants to do it even more so. Through connection with other organisations who support sustainable living, other communities who present the world with alternatives to being lost in a system of exploitation.

Vlierhof wants to be part of an ever growing network of people in touch with their need to be together, with a hunger for connection and with the inner conviction that we can be so much more when we start to give and listen, respect each other in our uniqueness, drop our defences and let ourselves be touched by the ones surrounding us and by doing so grow in our awareness, in our possibilities to share and receive, in our ability to trust.


These are a few of our standards, of the values that we hold dear.

See you soon. Love On behalf of the Vlierhof Team
Alias 1 / 11 / 2019

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