Atelier Yield Vlierhof

There will be 5 subdivisions:

1 :Atelierdagen Workshops and courses for guests (midweek) and people from outside.

2 :Creativity for volunteers.

3 :Beautyfication of Vlierhof.

4 :Artist in recidency.

5 :Webshop/sales

6: Masterclasses

The atelier is the place on Vlierhof where people can connect to their creativity.

For personal growth this can be a major field to explore and learn and eventualy present .

The idea is to connect to the inner self and work from the themes that arise there.

Without to much thinking but just through usingones hands .

To find those themes ist nice to look around. In the world and the people , in the feelings one has.

Guided by ones fascination for forms, colors etc.

Coached by senior artists they can learn crafts.  And  if they like, develop a personal style in art.

The craft and the idea usually go hand in hand. Everything is possible, in level of concepts, skills as long as the person enjoys to be focussing and working

Persistence is needed. Its all a training in balance , between head and hands, between skill and experience , between idea  and possibilities.

A nice thing about a atelier situation is that everyone who is there inspires the other, by watching by talking and even in the silence of concentrating and working.


Days, usually saturdays on which one can work on ones own art, connect to others en while being coached by senior arists

There is a whole list of courses and workshops on

And from the program of the midweeks people can come and work in the atelier inbedded the bigger plan of the proram.

Creativity for volunteers.

In the work scedule of vlierhof  the afternoon is reserved for creativity. After a short introdcution of how to use the atelier volunteers can work ther in clay, wood and painting.

Beautyfication of Vlierhof.

To make Vlierhof even more special art can be added all over. There is already a lot that is being appreciated by guests like the dome, the carvings and the big artworks standing in the garden.

By making the place more exquisit the values, also money wise can be more and more.

The atelier team and volunteers can work on more, like the secound artists house, the seminar house (for example the lamps that Marjorie is making). There will sometimes be a shortcut to maintenance.

Artist in recidency.

Artists can rent the writers house to focus completely on their work and use the atelier doing so. They will pay for rent and if they like meals.


As for sales we feel that the income of artwork made by Vlierhof artists that is sold should be for the artist themselves. But a amount(20%) should be deminished for rent and costs) . That could go to Vlierhof.


Workshops for collegue artists that want to gain knowledge or experience on one very specific topic.