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The atelier is  the place on Vlierhof where visitors, residents and guests (from seminar house or artist in recidence) can connect to their creativity.

From september on it is possible to come to our atelier for workshops , courses and open ateliers. Info


The idea is to connect to the inner self and work from the themes that arise there. Without to much thinking but just through using ones hands . To find those themes it is nice to look around. In the world and the people ,the nature and  in the feelings one has inside.

Coached by senior artists you can learn crafts.  And  if you like develop a personal style in art.



The craft and the idea usually go hand in hand. Everything is possible, in level of concepts and skills as long as the person enjoys to be focussing and working. Persistence is sometimes needed. Its all a training in balance , between head and hands, between skill and experience , between idea and possibilities.


A nice thing about an atelier situation is that everyone who is there inspires the other, by watching, by talking and even in the silence of concentrating and focussing.


We offer workshops and courses in a lot of disciplines and levels like sculpting (in clay, glass, bronze etc) painting, jewelry and fotography.

The workshops can be done by absolute beginners but also skilled and experienced persons are very welcome to join.






If you are interested please connect to Marjorie Slooff for more information. or 0031 651131322

You can also write an email to and mention atelier.

More detailed info about the workshops and courses at