Art Workshops

Art Workshops

Atelier Vlierhof

The studio is the place on Vlierhof where people can connect with their creativity. For personal growth this can be an important area to explore and learn. The idea is to connect with the inner self and work from the themes that arise there. Without thinking too much, but only by using ones hands. To find those themes it is fun to look around. In the world the nature and in people, in the feelings they have.

You will be coached by experienced artists. Who can learn you crafts and guide you on an individual path. If you want you can go deep and develop a personal style in art. The craft and the idea usually go hand in hand. Everything is possible, in terms of concept level and  skills as long as the person likes to focus and work. Perseverance is needed. It is all a training in balance, between head and hands, between skill and experience, between idea and possibilities.


Atelier days.

On these days you can work on your personal art in various materials between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. You will be coached by senior artists.

Dates 2020 ; 4 en 18juli , 8 en 22 augustus .

Costs: 60 per day.



From plan to form. In these lessons you will work on your own design language. You create a portfolio, you learn basic principles our spatial art.  You can, depending on your skills, get started with all kiunds off materials, like stone, clay, wax glass. Ask for dates :

Costs: 60 euros per day.


Glass fusing.

Glass fusing is the technique of (partially) fusing glass. During the course you make a spatial design of ceramics under the guidance of the teacher; the mold.

You learn to cut glass and make a composition of colored glass. The workpiece is fused in the oven. The glass is first melted in two phases and then absorbed into the mold.

Costs: 125, – excluding material and heating costs. These amount to around 25 euros depending on the size of the paper. Minimum 5 participants.

Next course: june 2020 on saturdays. please write an email if you are interested.


Model sculpting.

In 4 lessons you make your own masterpiece in clay or wax. During the first lesson you will get explanations about the anatomyof the human body, the proportions and how to measure through a it. We will also look at how you get action in an image by using lines and slopes. And we do a number of introduction exercises to look and feel before starting the real sculpture.

We work with a nude model.

Costs: 200, – euro excluding material and including the model.

Minimum 6 participants.

Please subscribe, if the group is full we decide about dates.


Bronze casting.

Bronze casting is a fascinating process to experience at first hand, both the magic of the molten metal and the surprise of how the image finally comes out of the mold.

The course is intended for people who would like to make a bronze statue, or have done that before and want to continue using it. After making a wax model, (you can do this at home, but you can also discuss this on the course), you will learn the technique of making a mould.

The mould is fired  and again filled with bronze. Then the job of unpacking, cutting out and finishing follows.

There are 4 lessons, one of which is the casting day. Times and date are in consultation. Cost indication 260, – ex material.

Please subscribe, if the group is full we decide about dates.


Making silicone moulds.

In a silicone mould you can pour various materials such as plaster, casting resin and wax. Making the mould is a lot of work but you can use it many times afterwards. A nice traditional process. You start from your own existing statue in stone, clay or wax. Forming in organic materials is also possible.

Learning to make plaster molds is also possible.

With sufficient registrations (4) this course starts. Class times on Saturdays from 11 am to 12.30 pm. Course costs 125

Materials not included, cost indication 60 euros.

If you are interested, please contact me by email: info @ marjorieslooff.