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Monthly we organize Retreat weeks and sometimes a Specific Theme week.

From the connection to nature you can come more in alignment with your heart and therefore also easier and more open in contact with others.
Living from that connection, being inspired by others, experiencing yourself and becoming aware of who you really are. Developing your qualities, doing the things for which you are on earth and thus making an active contribution to a beautiful world.

De Vlierhof is, because of its gardens and community, a pre-eminent place where all this can be deeply lived and experienced.

By offering accommodation options combined with workshops (midweek), we offer you a complete program.


Retreat week:
program of meditation, yoga, singing, creativity, sauna, free time and personal coaching, under supervision of Nellie van den Berg (www.viaamoris.nl).

Specific training:
Amygdala training, aimed at de-stressing, under supervision of Joost van den Berg.

A week with meditation, voice liberation, intuïtive painting, connecting communication, hartcircle, dance, mantra’s and worldsongs and personal coaching.  Under supervision of Nellie van den Berg and Cecilia Magnus.

Retreat without program / Breekweek
The weeks in between you are welcome as well, there will be meditation two times a week and singing of mantra’s and worldsongs on Thirsday evening. And there is a possibility for creativity and personal coaching, healing or massage.

The Retreat weeks start on Monday afternoon between 3 pm and finishes on Friday afternoon after lunch.
The Amygdala training starts on Monday afternoon at 4 pm and ends on Thursday afternoon at 2 pm.
Of course it is also possible to follow several weeks in a row and therefore you get a nice discount.
Prices at the end of this page.
You could also combine a Retreat +week with a workshop weekend in between.

For information and to book a Vlierhof Retreat, please contact
Nellie 06 428 828 30 or
Joost 06 106 015 39 or
send an email to info@vlierhof.org.


More details about the weeks:

Retreat week

Is your life not going the way you want it;
are you longing for a change in your worksituation, at home or your relationship,
but you don’t know how to achieve this?;
do you feel drained, empty, in need of a timeout,
in need of reconnection to yourself?
than a Retreat week at De Vlierhof might be something for you!

The Vlierhof with its beautiful gardens is a wonderful place to take a break from your daily life. In this week there is a program with meditation, yoga, singing, sauna, art, silence, personal guidance and working in the garden or kitchen and free time.

This gives you the opportunity to get closer to yourself and gain more insight and clarity about your life. Afterwards you will feel more peace and inspiration to take new steps.
This week is supervised by Nellie van den Berg. She is Life Coach with a lot of experience. More information about her and her work can be found at www.viaamoris.nl.

10-14 February   and   24-28 February
9-13 March        and   23-27 March
6-10 April, before Easter
18-22 May
1-5 June                and   15-19 June


Die Retreat-Woche auf dem Vlierhof hat mir sehr gut gefallen und meine Erwartungen bei weitem übertroffen. Nellie hat die Woche zu einem sehr persönlichen Erlebnis gemacht. Das ich mich in so kurzer Zeit so weiter entwickeln konnte, habe ich ihr zu verdanken. Vielen Dank an die  Retreat-Gruppe, das Vlierhof-Team und natürlich an Nellie. Bis zum nächsten Mal.
Dirk (febr.’20)

Nellie is a kind and attentive person who creates time for all her participants during her workshop. She is not rigid and allows you to progress at your own pace while providing a framework to guide you via meditations, one-on-one exchanges, and even artistic expression through painting. The painting session was, for me, the most valuable as it allowed me to access a part of myself that I struggled to verbalise. As a small group we discussed the creative process and what it meant to each of us, both as artists and observers. A very interesting and enjoyable exercise!
Leo (dec.’19)

Amygdala Retraining Program
Tired? No recovery after exercise? Feeling that your hard drive is full? Then come to the Amygdala Retraining Program at the Vlierhof! A training with special results ………………..

Recovery is possible for people with physical and emotional complaints such as ME / CFS, fibromyalgia, lack of energy, stress, perfectionism, burnout, low self-esteem, anxiety, fear of failure, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain, high blood pressure and sleeping problems. Unconscious chronic stress maintains fatigue and a host of other symptoms. This is controlled through our amygdala, the middle part of our brain. To regain health, this chronic stress response must be stopped. With our conscious brain we can retrain our amygdala. In the training you learn to send direct signals to the unconscious brain, which stops the chronic stress.

Joost van den Berg has gained knowledge, experience and inspiration at the top of the Netherlands and Belgium in the field of various modern awareness methods, conducts practice and gives training at various locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Passionate about the enormous influence we can exert on our lives, our health and our well-being. When body and mind work together optimally, people experience joy and peace in themselves and there is talk of a healthy mind in a healthy body. Joost is trained in NLP, Touch of Matrix, Psych-K, Life the Connection, Hypnosis and Family Constellations.

2-5 March
25-28 May



A week with meditation, voice liberation, intuïtive painting, connecting communication, hartcircle, dance, mantra’s and worldsongs and personal coaching.  In this week you will connect deeper with yourself and with others and therefore with your own essence. Vlierhof is because of the beautiful gardens and surrounding a very good support in this.
Under supervision of Nellie van den Berg (www.viaamoris.nl) and Cecilia Magnus (www.gemma.be).
Date: 27 April – 1 May

About us

Cecilia Magnus is the driving force behind Gemma, Center for Conscious Communication, which creates a connection with one’s own inner self and with the other, which goes together. The more you are connected to yourself, the closer the contact can be with others.
Cecilia is a trainer in Connecting Communication, Vocal Liberator, facilitator of Constellations and Heart Circles. ‘My greatest pleasure and fascination is to create a context that is safe, so that there can be all that is. If what is can be shared, and may sound with or without words, then something special happens that is usually perceived as healing. ” Www.gemma.be.

Nellie van den Berg has been a life coach for many years, specializing in high sensitivity and awareness. She is a self-taught coach and shares her life experience with others through individual sessions and workshops. She guides the Retreats on the Vlierhof. It is her quality to create an atmosphere in which you can come home to yourself, to your essence. Information about her and her vision can be found at www.viaamoris.nl.

About the workshops 

Meditation: The morning meditation consists of a combination of movement, yoga, qi qong, making sound and silence. This will be different every morning and will be filled in intuitively, depending on the need at the time (Nellie).

Voice liberation: We play our voices in a playful way, first together, and also occasionally individually. We improvise without thinking, individually and together. Sometimes we sing with words, and sometimes without, and especially there deeper layers can be touched (Cecilia).

Intuitive painting: after a short guided meditation, you are invited to paint without thinking. Play with color and movement, without noticing what the result will be. Afterwards we share the experiences with each other (Nellie).

Connecting Communication: Connecting Communication is based on Marshal Rosenberg’s roadmap and brings the attention of the outside world to the inside world. It is an essential tool for connecting with yourself and the other person. We apply this model to themes that live in the group (Cecilia).

Heart Circles: A heart circle shares what lives in you, with the full attention of the others. That means that certain themes unfold, and without advice or without wanting to change or improve anything, a field is created by the collective wisdom of the group, in which unsuspected parts of yourself are expressed (Cecilia).

Systemic Constellations: Sometimes there are things you would prefer to change, and in an arrangement based on the work of Bert Hellinger, you can explore how things can change. Here we appeal to other participants, who will become part of what we call ‘the field’, which means enormous wealth (Cecilia).

Mantras and world songs: After a guided meditation, we sing various mantras and world songs with a silence in between the songs. A joint improvisation of sounds is also part of this. It’s not about being able to sing beautifully, but about singing from your heart. The repetition of the songs get you in a meditative state and in a deeper connection with yourself. The songs are accompanied on the piano (Nellie).

Personal coaching: in an individual conversation you can share what you experience at that moment and if desired you will receive a supportive response (Nellie).



Breekweek o.l.v. Cora den Oudsten (Andragoog). Continuous. No minimum number of participants. Individual route or partly in a group. No children. No psychological problems.
Small crisis? Dead end? Point behind it? Break with the old. Your Personal Make Over starts here!

Are you stuck in a whirlwind of events that you cannot solve yourself? A desired change that requires choices. Make those choices together with us. A place to share, a place to think and dream. A Personal Make Over plan provides a breakthrough. And with a sequel. Via skype, or via a return week if you wish.
Register via info@vlierhof.org


Number of participants

The groups are small in order to create sufficient attention and space for the participants. For the Retreat week a maximum of 4 to 6 people can participate, for the Amygdala training 6 to 8 people.

Participants’ contributions

The requested contribution is an all-inclusive amount for accommodation, food and all workshops and applies for all Vlierhof Retreats.
Contribution per week: – € 345 for a 2-p room ;  additional € 50 for a 1-p room; camping € 245.
Arrangement of 2 weeks: the overnight stay at the weekend is free and for 2nd week without program you will get a discount of 25%
Arrangement of 3 weeks: contribution resp. € 975; € 845; € 605.
Package of 4 weeks: contribution resp. € 1,300; € 1,140; € 810.

In addition, we offer a package discount of € 50 per week for people who book a double room together.
A lower price is possible for people with a minimum income in consultation.

For information and to book a Vlierhof Retreat, please contact
Nellie 06 428 828 30 or
Joost 06 106 015 39 or
send an email to info@vlierhof.org.




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