Winterweek; Vlierhof Friends

Winterweek; Vlierhof Friends


‘Vlierhof Friends’

From December 17-20, we celebrate the silent days to Christmas. With delicious hot food, sauna, (mantra) singing, creativity in the studio and more. ‘Friends of Vlierhof’ and new guests are invited to spend pleasant days together. Every contribution is welcome. What can you offer? a dance? a workshop? a poem? a game, your own drinks, or whatever contribution. We unite old acquaintances and newcomers. All “Friends of Vlierhof” are welcome, old residents, enthusiastic contributors of yesteryear, travelers, curious or family members.
Totally unknown? Come along these days and find your personal trajectory of peace, nature, play and being together. For an appropriate, modest contribution to the costs of food and care (from a minimum of 50 euros to a personal contribution that fits to the activities). Just come if you feel like it!
You can stay for Christmas if you like.

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